The Hungarian ground and the Carpathian Basin's speciality provide an opportunity for growing the most full-flavoured and valuable paprika.

This capability and the technology of the growth production made this plant to be world wide known as the Hungarian spice.

The Naturalpár Ltd. started as a private enterprise in 1989, later on in 1994 it was transformed to a joint business; the main profile was producing and trading paprika.

The raw material for the production grew in and integrated system.

The factory's apparatus, manufacturing units open the door to improve the range of activities continuously.
Emphasizing it in 2003 we bought and put to operation an Index type sterilizer, which is suitable for germ reducing in different dried vegetables, medicinal plants, herbs and paprika stock.
Most of our products are exported to all of the European countries and overseas.
Our products reach the customers in the domestic market trough meat works and supermarkets according to requirements.

Our products can be found in Cora, Auchan, Csemege Match and Profi supermarkets further more in numerous retails in small packaging, in light- and fat proof bags ranging from 50, 100, 500 until 1000gs in décor packing that is decorated packed in white textile bags with paprika rope.




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