The Naturalpár Ltd. assures the raw material that is annually 1000-1200 tons of raw paprika with integrated cultivation and buying up from the vicinal producers.

The excellent natural capability twins with the producers and manufacturers faithful work (90% of the raw paprika are manually harvested).

After harvesting we give high attention to the adequate after-ripening and spare drying of the raw paprika, because this is the only way to achieve excellent raw material.

Milling, cooling and after resting evolves the exclusive characteristic taste, smell, flavour and the high colouring content of the Hungarian paprika.


All steps of the production are done according to the requirements of the HACCP quality assurance system.

The factory's manufacturing equipment and packing technology further more its laboratory assures those conditions that are necessary for the up-to-date manufacturing.
If it is necessary the microbiological value limits assured by a sterilizing equipment.
The produced quantity mainly sold at the domestic market for meat factories and through different commercial supermarkets.

Our export activities particularly extend to Canada, France and England, but we export to Belgium, Italy, Slovakia and Romania too.


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