Maybe no one of the Hungarians think that when we put paprika to our meals with the fire-red herb's fine specks a little part of the half millenary world-history occur in front of us again.

In this herb can be found South America times before Columbus and the climate and ground of the South Alfold that blends to make the inhabitants work far-famed with an absolutely characteristic Hungarian flavour, taste and smell what the paprika have.

Until 1930 in Hungary only hot paprika was grew and manufactured.

Now it ranges different classes from the slightly hot until the very hot; the production is done according to a traditional technology which is accurate and all of its steps are well improved.


In Hungary in the Bács-Kiskun Comitat (in a specific area) paprika growing has centennial tradition.

This area's good capabilities and the experience of the generations formed growing of the area specific paprika types.

The raw materials of the world wide worthily appreciated and requested paprika assured by the excellent range of stirpes that were experimented in the region of Kalocsa and Szeged.

The typical dry continental climate of the area, the numbers of the sunny hours and the special cultivation technologies assure the formation of excellent taste, flavour and colouring content in the paprika.

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